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Nissan Xterra Fender Flares

Nissan Xterra Fender Flares
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Average time to get set ready to ship out is 10-14 days but please allow up to 2-4 weeks to start shipping process.

The Nissan Xterra Fender Flares fit the 2005-2015 year Xterra.

Fender Flares are an extension piece to your Xterra’s fender that provide additional coverage for your wheels and tires that stick out past the fender.

Fender Flares may help keep your Xterra in compliance with many states Vehicle Equipment Laws.

Adds up to an additional 2 and a quarter inches of wheel coverage. Deflecting dust and debris away from body paint.

For most users these flares will require noninvasive, minimalistic drilling along with minor trimming. Preexisting factory holes can even be used as mounting points to fasten the flares. However, expect there to be necessary some trimming or modifications to be made to the flares.

**note** The flares come with a flare black gel coat out of the mold and are unpainted. The flares are ready to paint but some prep work might be required depending on what paint is to be used. The majority of customers use spray on bedliner which requires minimal prep and is an economical option.

What’s included in the base set

1. A set of fender flares that will cover both the front and rear wheel wells.

2. Rubber Trim for the edges of the flares.

3. Mounting Screws and 3M VHB Tape and 3M applicator (for the rear door section)


1. Front bumper piece. If you have a stock bumper you will likely want this piece as it covers the front plastic stock bumper. You won't need this piece if you have an aftermarket bumper.

2. Stainless Steel Short Bolts & Nuts (For bolt-on look)

3. Stainless Steel Long Bolts & Nuts (For actual bolt-on mounting)

**Notice: At the base price the flares do not come with the long/short bolts nor the front bumper piece for stock bumpers** However, mounting screws are included in the base set so the flares can still be mounted without having to purchase the long or short bolts. As some customers prefer to get their own hardware. For hardware specifications look at the picture listed at the end of the photo gallery on this page.

Installation and mounting

Product includes a detailed installation guide, but is as simple as:

1. Hold the flares in place to the corresponding fender so they fit correctly.

2. Using the screws provided, screw the flares to the under lip of the wheel well.

3. The rear door section is mounted on by using industrial strength 3M VHB Tape (included). There is a flange on the back side of these flares that allows for the VHB tape to firmly mount the flares to the door.

4. Trim flares where rubbing will occur when tires are turned and where the tires could come in contact with the flares when the suspension is bottomed out/fully compressed.

5. Test Fit all parts of the fender flares to ensure they are firmly mounted and held in place before driving.

Shipping to USA

Flat rate express shipping and packaging is the standard shipping rate and method to anywhere in the Mainland United States for $105. Please email for custom shipping inquiries or areas outsides of Mainland United States.

International Shipping & Group Orders

For international shipping and group orders of 5 sets or more send an email to and we can work out the details.

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